Saturday, November 18, 2006

My Last Post Here

I just deleted about 260 posts that I have written over the past two years. I feel so awful.

I am moving. I can't tell you where I am moving, because my ex decided to search for my blog. He found it. I had no idea it could be found via my email addy. Stupid me. New email for me for the next blog.

Will you please email me at mizchulita at yahoo dot com and tell me who you are and your site address? I had to delete those as well, because I don't want to be found again. The new Beta Blogger doesn't have a template that you can save like the old version--at least not that I could figure out.

I will email you back soon with the new address.

I don't want to lose you guys. I consider you my friends, even though we are from all parts of the world.

Any suggestions for a new name? Don't put them here, but definitely email me!

I'll tell the story on my new blog.